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Inbound Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

Social media is about people, conversations, relationships and eventually about developing leads. It is through these relationships and leads, that sales transactions can occur.​

This is how important Social Media has become in the marketing equation. This method of communication has today become one of the main channels through which we personally communicate.​

The same can be said for businesses. This platform has become too important to dabble around in the marketing communication mix for any entity. We all know that maintaining such a platform with engaging content is tiresome and extremely time-consuming.​

You can now commission this task to us, where we will curate your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube profiles and ensure that they derive the engagement and reach your company and brands so deserved. Many companies have recognised the importance and benefits of Social Media Marketing. We have seen how social marketing drives quality traffic, leads and sales and ultimately boosts an online presence. However, many business owners do not have the time to spend on their online business presence, so many find it quite a challenge to figure out exactly where to focus attention. It is worthy to note that 90% of Maltese people have access and are active on social media platforms daily.
It is no longer a ‘wish’ or a ‘want’ to effectively communicate with your brand’s audience through this platform. It is now considered to be a ‘need’ and a ‘must’. Creating effective messages through content management and clever scheduling will ensure that your message will land on your customer’s timeline, how and when it planned

Marketing Strategy and Planning

Many small and medium-sized businesses are tempted to jump straight to tactics before setting a marketing strategy – to create a brochure, to send out a press release – because it feels good to “do something” to promote your business. Most likely, these tactics will prove to be expensive attempts, and still would not achieve the desired results.

A strategy needs to be crafted. One that truly fits the nature of the business and its individual character. A strategy needs to be based on the strengths of the business, hence must be customised. A one-size-fits-all plan will most likely fail completely and at best, not achieve the sought-after results. A Company’s marketing strategy creates a clear path that represents all the steps and initiatives to be taken in order to convert businesses to become customers.

If your marketing efforts aren’t working together, then they are working against you!

Public Relations, Media And Influencer Marketing

We ensure that your PR and social media plans mesh with your marketing and business development goals – generating leads and increased awareness among decision-makers. Keeping good relations with the media can be a painful process. Though our experience and good relations we can ensure that your brand will feature prominently in a position it so deserves.

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