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A Full Service Marketing Hub

Made up of professionals with years of practical marketing experience.
Full Service Boutique Marketing Agency Malta

Why Choose Us?

Market Matters is a full service – fully integrated, marketing specialist hub, made up of professionals with years of practical marketing experience.
Market Matters is a specialist in helping businesses in Malta and Gozo to reach their strategic business goals by offering tangible short and long term results. We are a full service, fully integrated marketing hub, made up of professionals with years of practical marketing experience and trusted by several well-established local and international brands.
We are specialists in handling B2B and B2C projects from concept to implementation stage, allowing our clients ample flexibility to focus on running their own business.

Vicky Zammit

CEO of Market Matters

What is our Philosophy?

Based in Malta, Market Matters offers personalised solutions to help its esteemed clients to reach their company’s goals through the effective application of marketing solutions.
At Market Matters, we breath everything related to Marketing. Our team of experienced marketers, strives to deliver success to your company, resulting in positive experiences for your own customers.
Whether you need Market Matters to jump on board to help you in the marketing areas you need most assistance with and/or you need our assistance, you can now outsource all your marketing activities to Market Matters.
We will make all the difference to your company’s success.

There are three ways in which we can help you:

D.I.Y. – Do it Yourself

Where we can assist you in panning out your marketing strategy and mentor you to get it implemented;

D.F.Y. – Done for You

Where you can craft out an achievement plan then implement all actions to get you to that point;

D.W.Y. – Done with You

A combination of D.I.Y and D.F.Y. – where you can still be involved, and we can assist in getting the job done faster, more consistently and effectively.

One thing is for sure…
Once you become a client of Market Matters, you will benefit from our 100% loyalty towards your Company, transparent actions, and above all the results you require.

What We Do

Marketing Strategy & Business Development

Brand Identity Development

Public Relations

Creative Direction & Design

Campaign Concept, design & Implementation

Corporate Gifts


I approached Market Matters because I needed a new marketing strategy. Vicky was extremely helpful when it came to creating my new website and took a keen interest from onset to finish and the result proves it.
Beatrice Migenco
Interior Designer, B Design
We at Cortex ltd are more than happy to recommend Vicky Zammit from Market Matters for her sterling work done on our web site and for setting up of our social media accounts. Vicky is precise, creative and able to work on her own initiative. Truly recommend her.
Robert Micallef
Managing Director, Cortex Ltd.
Untitled design
A short note to thank you for your services as Social Media executive on a freelance basis for the launch period of our Sunday Circle digital App. The launch period of any project is essential to its success, and you ensured that we reached our target audience and that the project kicked off with a bang.
Ramona Depares
Editor, Sunday Circle

If you are thinking of starting your own company or already manage a well-established one, then chances are that you will need some business development or a business revamp. You can either do it yourself, or hire people to do it for you. But, where do you start?

We can help you in this! We are the experts in developing the processes, strategies and tasks intended to increase and expand opportunities within your company. This could mean business expansion, increasing revenue, making strategic business decisions or improving profitability through strategic partnerships.

More generally, Business Development is the creation of long-term value for a business from partnerships, clients and markets.

Read all about our work for Lasco Supermarket helped the company grow strategically Want to know how we can help your company flourish?

Your brand is how you are noticed by your audience. It is also what your customers feel and think when they see your brand name, image or icon. It’s the story you tell them and the promises you make them. It affects customers’ perception of your company, and determines how they will interact with it over a period of time. Your brand is your asset – however one which cannot really be measured accurately by numbers. Notwithstanding, its value is priceless.

A company is only as strong as the brand it owns, the visibility and the reach of its brand. A brand is also a key asset in helping the company differentiate its market offering vis a vis competition as well as positioning in the minds of its customers.

Our team at Market Matters, we plan your brand strategy and build branding campaigns destined to ensure that your company grows.

Read all about our work for Lasco Supermarket that helped the company identify and grow its new brand identity Want to know how we can help your company’s assets flourish?

Public relations plays a vital role in business today. Moreover, PR should form part of an integrated plan for communicating with target audiences. It’s a key aspect of brand management, can help increase sales, and builds relationships with the various publics surrounding your organization.

PR can also allow you take advantage of unexpected opportunities that can benefit your business. Best of all, it can maximize the effectiveness of the narrative surrounding your organization. Because of the highly connected, fast-paced nature of modern life, this is invaluable. Public Relations is a varied, multidimensional discipline often involving specific strategies for handling different public audiences – Public Relations involves the relationship with community, the media and internal players within the organization itself. Carrying out effective Public Relations demands a specific skill of being organized, approachable as well as flexible.

Read all about our PR work for Malta’s National Theatre – Teatru Manoel Want to know how we can help your company’s benefit from good relations with the Various Publics?

We have the experience to conceptualize an idea and take it through all the stages of actualization. It is the form that an idea takes when it becomes reality, through the shape of an advertising campaign takes when combining a concept, art, design, strategy. In this role, we take up the job of the creative director, who is responsible for the process of formulating the concept for the brand and its marketing, all the way to its implementation.

We love B2C and B2B Campaigns. We love to creating a concept, looking at the objectives which are to be achieved, then creating consumer or business campaigns to implement those objectives. We have been involved in numerous campaigns over the years – each one achieving success in terms of brand awareness, campaigns and so on.

More generally, Business Development is the creation of long-term value for a business from partnerships, clients and markets.

Read all about our work for Lasco Supermarket helped the company grow strategically Want to know how we can help your company flourish?

The corporate gifts we supply, help our customers maintain customer loyalty which is so important in today’s business circles. We will equip you with the ideal gift which will have you proud of it representing your brand. Moreover, your client would also appreciate receiving it and is more likely to keep it for future use.

Gifts that Matter provide gifts that when given to the customer, then they are more likely to give you repeat business. This gift will also have the ability to forge a relationship between your company and your customer or other stakeholders such as employees.

Giving a corporate gift from Gifts That Matter reminds the receiver that your relationship and the business he can give you is very important to you.