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Love is in the air

February is the perfect month to create love! Love doesn’t need to remain just among couples. Siblings, family, neighbours and citizens can demonstrate love and so can businesses towards their customers and employees.

Valentine’s Day in February encourages romantic feelings. It offers yet another opportunity for businesses to create love and a chance to nurture relationships, fundamental for marketing success.

You don’t need to be in the business of selling chocolates, flowers, jewellery, hotel rooms or sexy lingerie. A love affair can be created by showing your customers that you care for them and that your business values their loyalty. There are many actions to show how important each customer is. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Launch and grow a customer loyalty programme
Whenever there is a holiday or occasion, customers tend to spend more on goods and services. It will create a race among brands and businesses. However, this will also provide opportunities for businesses to make their customers feel valued. Gifting loyalty club members a special % discount for the occasion is an example of showing how precious their membership is. Need to launch and grow a loyalty scheme? we can assist you

2. Give an unexpected gift to your customer.
It can be in the form of a small token, or even a gift with your logo can leave a lasting impression to stand out from the crowd. A carefully chosen corporate gift has a long shelf life, especially if your customer finds it useful or attractive. Check out the vast range of corporate gifts and advertising novelties available by order as well as luxury gifts you can find on

3. Plan and Organise a customer themed event
A specially themed event for the occasion by inviting your customers to experience your brand through an experiential setting. Do this done by decorating your environment with props for the occasion. Wish to organise a corporate event?

4. Communicate.. communicate … communicate!
Effectively use social media platforms to reach out to your customers. Let them know what your business is doing to show love by creating engaging and relevant messages across a communications platform accessed by your target audiences. By regularly informing your clients of your offerings and initiatives, relationships and built.
Struggling to keep up with your social channels? Let us help you.

Show your customers that you care!
Let them know that their loyalty and business is vital for your company’s success. In turn, your business will be rewarded by having repeat customers who will act as free brand ambassadors, willing to share and recommend your company or brand.